Partners, Supporters and Sponsors

The international ClipAward short film festival aims at providing a platform for the independent short film scene and support young talents. The organiser, the Association for Independent Short Film Culture, always strives to achieve a cultural exchange. So far we have been able to rely on strong partners without whom the festival would not have existed in that form for so long.

The 10th edition of the low & no budget festival recieves support not only from our voluntary team members and many other helping hands but also from highly appreciated sponsors and partners.

If you want to help to achieve ClipAward's aims, please use our advertising space for example on posters, in the programme or in the spot during the festival. By this, you can present your company to an open and intersted audience. We always welcome individual sponsoring concepts and we are happy to advise you about different advertising possibilities to during the ClipAward short film festival.

Become a sponsor!